Song of the Silk Road

Yip Mingmei


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Writing this novel, I owe my first expression of utmost gratitude to my husband, Geoffrey Redmond, an endocrinologist and scholar of ancient China whose most recent books are It’s Your Hormones and Science and Asian Spiritual Traditions. Geoffrey’s love and support are like an oasis in the desert—nurturing and protective amidst the infinite mystery of life. I feel a perfect balance of yin and yang in my life because of him.

Next I must thank my agent, Susan Crawford, and the team at Kensington Books: my editor, Audrey LaFehr, and also Karen Auerbach, Maureen Cuddy, and Martin Biro.

Like the pulling of silk in tai chi, the way of the writer, weaving and polishing, is never ending—and there are so many to thank along the way:

Teryle Ciaccia, my good friend and fellow tai chi instructor, whose elegant posture of “pulling silk” has charmed and kept me inspired for all the years that I’ve known her.

Eugenia Oi Yan Yau and her husband, Jose Santos, who are always there to offer a helping hand.

Lewis Frumkes, who graciously invited me to many literary events where I had the chance to meet some of the great writers of our times.

My fellow Kensington author Kate Douglas, who generously took time from writing her best-selling novels to advise me on the practical challenges of writing.

Sharon Cousins, for advocating solar cooking and telling me she loves my writing.

Hannelore Hahn and Elizabeth Julia Stoumen, of The International Women’s Writing Guild, for their long support of women writers.

Again, last but not least, my parents, who let my imagination run wild and always believed in my dreams.

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